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ClearPrintDistrict Court County, Colorado Court Address: In re the Marriage of: Petitioner: and Petitioner/Respondent:COURT USE ONLYAttorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address):Case Number:Phone
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4. The Petitioner has not been paid her full child support.5. Pursuant to C.R.S. 14-5-106, the Petitioner now has a valid alimony order, which states: 6. If you are a married Colorado resident, you may obtain a copy of the court order that gives you the right to receive a child support payment from your ex-husband, or you may request a hearing to enforce the order. 7. Unless your ex-husband agrees to a child support payment, the ex-husband will continue to receive his child support from you, and he will be ordered to pay your child support and/or any money you have collected to the child(men) until you receive the money. You must, however, keep the child support, including any money you have collected, separate from any other funds you have in your custody. 8. Any money that you have collected should be segregated from your other assets. If any of your other assets exceed the amount of support collected by the court, you will be held responsible for those assets and that money should be paid to you. This order is the only order the Court is accepting.9. The Petitioner is also entitled to the immediate release of the Respondent. If your respondent has not paid any child support in the last five years, your child support will continue to be assessed, calculated and collected in the same way as the child support provided by the marriage under the alimony order. You must provide him written notice that he has ten (10) days to pay the support before the Court will assume the child support is unpaid. If he does not pay the support, you must file a motion requesting a hearing in accordance with C.R.S.A. 9-1-103. This motion will be heard by the Court. If he does not show up, the case will be dismissed. The hearing is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 23.10. If the Respondent shows up at this hearing, he will be required to pay all child support for the years that the Petitioner is being ordered to pay support. If the Respondent cannot make the payments in a timely fashion, the case will be dismissed. If the Respondent is not a Colorado resident, the Respondent will be required to pay all child support on a priority basis. If the Respondent is a resident of another U.S.
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